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OEYC Drop-in Programs | ROCK Early Learning Programs (Fee for Service)

For Children

OEYC Drop-in Programs
Drop-ins are programs that allow you to interact with your children and network with other parents and caregivers. Our Early Childhood professionals are available during these times to provide information on parenting, family, health, development, and behaviour, or to help address specific concerns.

Drop-in (newborn to 6 years)
Parents/caregivers and their children are welcome to attend any of our informal and friendly “drop-ins”. Available activities include circle times, creative art and sensory activities, a large variety of toys, and free play.

My Baby and Me (newborn to 16 months)
A drop-in for parents/caregivers and their babies newborn to 16 months. Adults enjoy conversation, meeting others, and making new friends while babies enjoy toys and songs. No registration required, but space is limited.

Play, Learn and Grow (newborn to 16 mos)
Don’t miss our drop-in for babies up to 16 months of age. During this flexible drop-in program, babies will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of open-ended materials and engage in fun and interesting learning experiences that build on their emerging skills and interests as they grow. So join us and discover how you can play and have fun as you and your baby go through each exciting stage of development together. No registration required, but space is limited.

Mother Goose Drop-in Program (newborn to 12 months)
Sitting in a circle on the floor, parents learn nursery rhymes and songs while holding, touching, bouncing and enjoying time with their babies in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. No need to register. Drop-in and enjoy.

Intergenerational Mother Goose (newborn to 12 months)
Sitting in a circle on the floor, parents learn nursery rhymes and songs while holding, touching, bouncing and enjoying time with their babies in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This program is offered at the Village of Tansley Long-term care facility and residents of the Village will be joining us for a unique intergenerational experience.
No need to register. Drop-in and enjoy.

Fit as a Fiddle Drop-in Program (16 mos and up)
Join us for this active movement drop-in program that includes creative movement circle times and lots of great activities to keep you and your kids moving. Younger siblings are welcome to attend.

Creative Movement and Art Drop-in (2 to 6 years)
This preschool creative movement and art program includes a variety of art, music, movement and creative play activities. Younger siblings are welcome to attend. (Runs November - April)

Outdoor Classroom (2 to 6 yrs)
Wet or warm, cold or snow, join us for this year-round,
all-weather program as we invite you and your preschooler, age 2 and up, to play, explore, and connect with the natural world. Younger siblings are welcome to attend. Click here for details.

Dad’s Drop-in Program (newborn to 6 years)
Dads and their children have the chance to talk with other dads and learn games and songs. Story time, free play, music and large muscle activities are all a part of this busy morning.

Stepping Stones (children with differing abilities newborn to 6 yrs)
Do you have a child with Special Needs? Join us for a drop-in playgroup for little ones ages 0-6 with developmental and learning challenges.
This is a great place to make new friends, share experiences and play with your child in a safe and stimulating environment.

Drop-in program schedule

Be sure to check out our Parenting Drop-ins too!

ROCK Early Learning Programs (Fee for Service)

Infant Massage (newborn to 12 mos)

Infant massage is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby. Join us as our IAIM Certified Instructor shows you gentle massage techniques that can have a positive effect on your baby’s health and well-being.  Research shows that with regular touch babies cry less and sleep better. Infant Massage may even help to relieve colic and enhance your baby’s immune system.

Baby Picassos (6 to 14 months)
See, touch and play! Come join Baby Picassos, our fun-filled, hands-on class designed just for babies aged 6 to 14 months. It's all about textures, experimentation, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity while having messy fun!

Baby Explorers (8 - 17 months)
Sticky, slippery, shiny, gooey, oily, bright, powdery, smooth...that's what sensory experiences are all about. During this messy program, you and your baby will develop, learn, play and discover together as you explore our sensory stations. So come and bounce on our big red balls, explore a world of light and shadow, play in a pool of jello, and share an unforgettable experience!

Toddler Van Gogh Gos (15 - 24 mos)
Walk, run, wiggle, sing and create. Come join Toddler Van Gogh Gos, our brand new, fun-filled class designed just for toddlers aged 15 to 24 months. This is a perfect class for toddlers who love to move around, explore their surroundings and create.

Mini Monet (2 - 4 yrs)
Play, paint, squeeze and sculpt. Come and explore your creative side in our new hands-on program designed just for children 2 – 4 years.  Inspire your child's imagination and self-expression with a variety of fun-filled, hands-on art activities. Each week you and your child will explore and experiment with all kinds of art materials and methods of application. It’s not about the product, it’s all about experimenting and learning together, so get inspired and make some colourful memories together. (Infant siblings not yet walking welcome)

Birthday Parties
Birthdays are a special time for kids, but stressful time for moms and dads! Make your child's next birthday fun and stress-free by celebrating at one of our ROCK Early Years Centres.

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